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Do Girls Like Muscular GuysMany times guys ask the question “Do girls like muscular guys?”

The main reason they ask this is because they are not muscular and they want to know if they need to get muscles to get a girl.

My opinion is the answer is NO. There are many ways to naturally attract a women; even if you’re not a large muscular guy.

Now the truth is you’ll still strike out if you’re a muscular guy login if you don’t learn how to talk to women and how to act around women. Read on to find out how to get a girl’s attention, no matter what you look like…

Keep Posture In Mind One of the most AdultFrinendFinder horrible things that you can do when it comes to women is having a slinking and cowering posture. You need to put your shoulders back take a deep breath and allow the breath to come out but keep your chest a little puffed out.

This is one good way to make it look like you have more chest and to show that you are confident and are not slinking back into some corner because you are afraid of girls.

This is not attractive and even if you had muscles AdultFriendrFinder they would not be interested in coming and digging you out of the corner booth.

Be a Leader and you Won’t Need Muscles When you AdultFrienedFinder login ask “Do girls like muscular guys?” and I say yes you login may try to go start pumping iron. Fine, go ahead but the reason that women like guys with muscles is because it shows that they are a leader and that they can reviews take care of the girl that they are with instead of being smashed like a bug.

Being a leader does not mean going around barking orders and speaking in a deep voice. Being a leader means that you lead by example and then people will follow you naturally.

Know Why Some Women Like Muscular Men The reason that some women prefer muscular men is because they feel safe around.

The good news is you don’t need a large physique to create that same feeling. login When you act like a confident, alpha male, you can trigger this same intense feeling that a girl experiences when she’s with a large guy.

Create Sexual Attraction Through Your Attitude Ultimately your muscles won’t matter if you can create a feeling of sexual attraction. This is the ultimate way to level the playing field and make her interested in you.

You might think the size of your muscles determines your level of attraction. In fact, you can trigger her “I want you,” emotion simply by behaving in way that makes you sexually attractive.